The trail is wide and cleared with a low degree of difficulty, ideal for family walks. There are signs everywhere - although they are not needed as it is the only "road" that runs along the stream.
The hiker will cross the river five times through the wooden bridges that exist along the path. The hiker will see a total of eleven watermills, ten of them are in ruins, and one has been restored during the period when the path was built. In this area, the visitor can relax and admire the "undisturbed" nature, to see the riparian forest almost untouched by human interventions.


3,8 km



225 m


This path can be approached by the walker from two points. One is located inside the settlement of Old Kavala, thereis a sign at the point where the intercity bus stop and the fountain are located. Following the downhill road you will soon meet the starting point of the path.Atthis point ends another important trail of the Municipality of Kavala, the one that "comes" from the Water Road trail. The second access point to the path is located a few meters after the intersection of the provincial road Palia Kavala - Zygos, towards the village of OldKavala. There, on the right side of the road there is a sign that shows the beginning of the dirt road that leads us to the southwest end of the trail. We follow the dirt road until we find ourselves in the abandoned marble

quarry, which we leave on our right and as soon as we pass it we are at the southern entrance of the trail of Old Kavala. Descending the path to the southand before its exit, a small detour will lead us to the double waterfall that is formed by the stream, while in front of the waterfall a small lake hosts many "daring" who dive into the cold water in summer. Above the waterfall that can be seen from the path (there is a relative sign) there is a small pedestal with crystal clear water. A little attention is needed during the winter months when with the rain, the water in the stream swells, as well as in the wooden bridges that due to the humidity, are slippery. With a brisk pace it takes about an hour and a half to cross it, if we choose the opposite direction it will take a little moretime as the route has, in some parts, an uphill slope.



Η ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ ΤΟΥ ΜΟΝΟΠΑΤΙΟΥ (41.00574, 24.41522)

Η είσοδος του μονοπατού είναι από το κέντρο του χωριού, όπου είναι η βρύση και η στάση του ΚΤΕΛ.

έναρξη0.0 km

υψόμετρο361 m

κλίση-18 %


Αναπαλαιωμένος νερόμυλος, χώρος ανάπαυσης και αναψυχής.

έναρξη0.7 km

υψόμετρο321 m

κλίση2 %

ΚΑΤΑΡΡΑΚΤΗΣ (41.00316, 24.4009)

Με μια μικρή παράκαμψη από το μονοπάτι βρίσκουμε τον καταρράκτη.

έναρξη1.8 km

υψόμετρο232 m

κλίση-19 %

ΤΕΛΟΣ ΤΟΥ ΜΟΝΟΠΑΤΙΟΥ (40.99706, 24.38724)

Τέλος του μονοπατιού αν ξεκινήσουμε από την Παλιά Καβάλα, μπροστά το λατομείο και λίγα μέτρα πιο κάτω ο επαρχιακός δρόμος.

έναρξη3.8 km

υψόμετρο136 m

κλίση-1 %

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